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Garlic Updates

Garlic Updates

2023 Garlic Crop

 Our 2023 Garlic Crop is expected to be harvested the end of June, or early July. There will be 13 varieties of garlic to choose from!   Great garlic for eating or planting, hardneck and softneck varieties. Thank you for being part of our community of garlic lovers! We are grateful for your continued support and look forward to growing with you in the season ahead. 

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garlic bulbs and cloves_edited.jpg
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About Us

Green Thumb Gourmet Garlic grows a variety of specialty garlic using safe, responsible farming practices to ensure full flavor and nutritional values are at their peak while protecting the environment.

Every garlic is planted by hand, weeded, harvested, and processed by hand and on site to offer the highest quality garlic for you to enjoy.

Our garlic is available as culinary or seed garlic. 

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