Green Thumb Gourmet Garlic, LLC.

7446 Springborn Rd

China Township, Michigan 48054

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Welcome! to Green Thumb Gourmet Garlic

Notes from the Farm

Our 2019 Garlic harvest is sold out and we are now planting our garlic field for an even larger 2020 harvest!

Our new pole barn is up and we anticipate our little farm store to be ready and nicely decorated by the summer of 2020. I also have plans to update the website to add all the incredible recipes our customers have generously shared and have a newsletter available to send out in the spring.

I so much enjoy growing garlic and watching the farm evolve into the vision of my dreams but what I enjoy even more is the customers. It has been so satisfying to connect with the people in my community and all over the United States, to hear their passions and inspiring stories just touches my heart.

!!Thank You for a wonderful season!!

Christine Klapp