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 About Garlic

Allium Sativum
Hardneck Garlic~ Allium sativum ssp ophioscorodon

Hardneck garlic is known for it's deeper flavors and large, easy to peel cloves that are arranged in a single layer circling a central stalk. Hardneck garlic tends to grow best in colder climates, have a shorter storage life than softnecks and will grow a garlic scape in the spring that is edible. Our hardneck varieties are: 

  • German White

  • Georgian Crystal

  • Persian Star

  • Siberian

  • Chesnok Red

  • Killarney Red

  • Duganski

  • Penn Wonder

  • Zemo

  • German Red

  • Music

  • Deerfield

  • Metechi

  • Asian Tempest

Softneck Garlic ~ Allium sativum ssp sativum

Softneck garlic have a longer storage life allowing you to enjoy their milder flavors later in the year. Their cloves are arranged in layers, usually medium sized cloves on the outer layer with an inner layer of smaller cloves. Softneck garlic can grow in many climates and are perfect for making braids. Our softneck varieties are:

  • Thermadrone

  • Nootka Rose

  • Red Toch

Growing Garlic

When to plant: Garlic is usually planted in the fall, 3-4 weeks before a hard freeze to give the garlic time to develop some roots. In colder climates, garlic should be planted between late September and early November.  In warmer climates, garlic can be planted until mid-December. Garlic can be planted in the spring but bulbs may be significantly smaller.

Where to plant:  Garlic requires a location that receives full sun, well-drained soil that is easy to dig with a pH range of 6.0-7.0.

How to plant:  Just before you plant, split the bulb into individual cloves keeping as much clove skin on as you can.  Direct sow the clove with the basal root end down (larger end) and the pointed end up. Plant cloves 2-3" deep, spacing 6" apart, 18" between rows.  After planting, apply 2-4" of untreated mulch material~grass clippings, straw or shredded leaves~ to help maintain moisture, suppress weeds and prevent frost heave.

How to harvest ,cure and store:  Harvest when 1/3 to 1/2 of the bottom leaves begin to turn yellow and dry down or plant has fallen over.  To harvest, loosen the soil around bulb and lift with a fork, brush off any loose soil, leave roots and leaves attached. Hang garlic plants by their leaf stem in bundles of 5-10 or lay flat on screens in a cool, dry, shaded,well-ventilated area up to 4 weeks to give time for bulbs to cure.  Use a fan in humid conditions for good air circulation.  After curing, the outer wrapper can be removed to clean up any loose soil, cut roots to 1/4" long, either cut stem 1" above bulb or you can leave the tops on softneck garlic for braiding.  Store in a cool, dry, dark,well-ventilated area, 35-50*f, humidity between 65-70%.

Garlic Scapes

Garlic scapes are a tender, edible flower stalk that grows from the tops of hardneck garlic, the scape emerges upward then bends over to form a coil.  The finished coil stage is the prime time to pick and eat the scape , eventually the scape will uncoil, straighten up then become "woody".  Garlic growers usually pick the scapes to direct the plants energy towards making larger bulbs.  Fresh, seasonal garlic scapes are available for a short time in the spring.  Raw garlic scapes are crunchy similarly to a green bean or asparagus with a mild garlic taste with a bit of zest.  Cooking garlic scapes will mellow out the flavor.  Garlic scapes are so versatile to cook with, they are wonderful raw, chopped up in a salad or diced in a dressing or compound butter, add them to kick up salsas, dips, pestos and chimichurri sauce, soups, stews or stir fries. Grill them to use as a savory side vegetable dish, sautee them to add to pasta dishes or use as a pizza topping, great in scrambled eggs.  Fresh garlic scapes will store for three weeks in the refrigerator wrapped in a paper bag. Garlic scapes can be pickled or frozen to keep enjoying them year round.