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Summer Delicacy

Garlic scapes are an edible flower stalk that grows from the tops of hardneck garlic in the spring. The garlic scape emerges upward then bends over to form a coil. The curled coil stage is prime time to pick and eat scapes. Eventually, the scapes will uncoil, straighten up, and become "woody." Garlic growers usually pick the scapes to direct the plants' energy towards making larger bulbs. Raw garlic scapes' texture is similar to green beans or asparagus. They have a mild garlic taste with a bit of zest. Cooking garlic scapes will mellow out the flavor. Garlic scapes are so versatile to cook with; they are wonderful chopped up in a salad or diced in a dressing or compound butter. Add them to kick up salsas, dips, pestos, sauces, soups, stews, or stir-fries. Grill them to use as a savory side vegetable dish, sauté them to add to pasta dishes, use as a pizza topping, or add more flavor to scrambled eggs. Fresh garlic scapes will store for three weeks in the refrigerator wrapped in a paper bag. Garlic scapes can be pickled or frozen to keep enjoying them year-round.

Beautifully arranged garlic scapes.
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