Green Thumb Gourmet Garlic, LLC.

7446 Springborn Rd

China Township, Michigan 48054

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Our Farm, Our Passion, Our story

Green Thumb Gourmet Garlic, LLC. is a woman owned and operated farm that was established in 2016. We are located in St. Clair County, Michigan near the beautiful waters of Lake St. Clair.  From the very beginning we have grown our garlic using organic farming methods. All of our garlic is free of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and are non-GMO. Our soil and garlic is tested annually by Michigan State University and tests free from bloat nematode.

Every garlic is planted, tended, harvested and processed all by hand to ensure the highest Premium Quality Garlic. We serve the garlic connoisseur, home gardeners, commercial growers, farms, chefs and eateries.

We have 17 different varieties of specialty garlic to offer you for the 2020 garlic harvest.

We take great pride in growing great garlic!


Our Story

Hello There! I am Christine Klapp and owner of Green Thumb Gourmet Garlic, LLC.  I have always loved gardening and would plant something new each year just for fun, one year I planted garlic just to see how it grew and I fell in love with growing it.  Learning how easy garlic was to grow, appreciating different varieties and enjoying the beautiful colors on the garlic bulbs and wrappers, having fun sharing it with my friends and family....I was hooked!

The hobby/obsession evolved into a business that originally was co-owned with my daughter, Jessica. The business name, Green Thumb Gourmet Garlic, LLC., came from the nickname, "Miss Two Green Thumbs"I gave to my daughter when she was very young because of her talent to grow flourishing plants, in abundance, effortlessly.

While our hobby grew into a business, we both worked full time jobs during the day then concentrated on the business after work and on weekends. Jessica has since become a Mother to a rambunctious little boy and I was promoted to Grandma!

Currently, Jessica helps at planting and harvest time but mainly devotes her time to taking care of my grandson.

Green Thumb Gourmet Garlic, LLC is now my full time passion and job, I am excited for every new season and

everything it brings!