Asian Tempest Garlic

Asian Tempest Garlic

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Asian Tempest garlic is a weakly bolting hardeck garlic in the Asiatic family.  Asian Tempests raw flavor is intensely hot with a spiciness that stays.  When cooked, the hotness will mellow out into a sweet and tangy flavor similar to a sweet pepper. 

  • Asiatic Garlic Information

    Asiatic Garlic are a "weak bolting" hardneck variety, it may or may not produce a garlic scape in the spring.  Bulbs are a medium size with wrappers that are firm and tight and contain 4-12 variable sized cloves. Clove skins are thick and hard to peel. Flavors can range from fiery hot to wonderfully sweet.  Matures early and has a short storage life of approximately 4 months if stored in a dry, dark place.  Average 40 cloves per pound. 

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