Duganski Garlic

Duganski Garlic

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Duganski garlic is a hardneck variety in the Standard Purple Stripe family. A stunningly colored garlic with a rich flavor that mellows with a mild, pleasant aftertaste. Duganski is exeptional in sauces and marinades and pairs beautifully with beef and pork.

  • Standard Purple Stripe Garlic Information

    Standard Purple Stripe garlics are a hardneck variety that will produce an edible garlic scape in the spring.  The Standard Purple Stripe garlics are known for their very colorful, striped bulb wrappers and clove skins. There are usually 8-12 tall, thin cloves per bulb arranged in one or two layers.  Great all around flavor, best for baking.  Preferres all types of climates to grow in.  Matures mid-season to late and storage life averages 4-6 months. 60 cloves per pound. 

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