German Red Garlic

German Red Garlic

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German Red garlic is a hardneck variety in the Rocambole family. German Red loves cold winters and requires well drained soil. 10-12 golden brown, easy to peel cloves per bulb.  German Red has a very strong, full bodied, hot and spicy, deep aromatic flavor. Great for stews, roasts and wild game.

  • Rocambole Garlic Information

    Rocambole Garlics are a hardneck variety that produces an edible garlic scape in the spring.  Rocambole Garlics grow large bulbs that house 6-11 cloves which are easy to peel. Clove colors range from tan to brown.  Double cloves are common as well as clove wrappers that do not fully form around the cloves.  Their flavors are deep, complex and full bodied.  Prefers northern, cool climates to grow.  Matures mid-season and stores 4-6 months in a dry, dark place. Averages 60 cloves per pound.

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