Metechi Garlic

Metechi Garlic

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Metechi Garlic is a hardneck variety in the Marbled Purple Stripe family.  A robust garlic flavor that delivers a sharp bite, fiery hot when raw.  Cooking will mellow down the heat while still delivering the robust garlic taste. 

  • Marbled Purple Stripe Garlic Information

    Marbled Purple Stripe garlic is a hardneck variety that produces an edible garlic scape in the spring.  Marbled Purple Stripe bulbs have blotches of color with faint streaks on the wrappers that house 4-7 plump, easy to peel cloves. They are a favorite for roasted garlic! Grows well in northern, cool climates. Storage life is approximately 4-6 months if kept in a dry, dark place. Average 55 cloves per pound.

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