Nootka Rose Garlic

Nootka Rose Garlic

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Nootka Rose garlic is a softneck variety in the Silverskin family.  Medium to large sized bulbs with easy to peel wrappers house 15-20 cloves that have light rose colored skin. Rich, warm exceptional flavor with long storage.  Great for braiding!

  • Silverskin Garlic Information

    Silverskin Garlic are a softneck variety which makes them perfect for braiding. Silverskins arre a very long keeping garlic with mild flavor.  Bulb wrappers are white and smooth. Generally 12-20 cloves per bulb that are arranged in several layers. The outer layers are flat and wide while inner cloves are tall, narrow and concave. Silverskins may produce a scape when stressed by cold winters or drought conditions. Grows well in all types of climates. Matures late and has a long storage life of 10-12 months if stored in a dry, dark place.  Average of 70 cloves per pound.

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