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MEAP Certification

Growing high-quality garlic is something we take great pride in!

Our commitment to superior quality is evidenced by the careful attention we pay to every step of the process.

Green Thumb Gourmet Garlic grows a variety of specialty garlic using safe, responsible farming practices. This ensures full flavor and nutritional values are at their peak while protecting the environment. We value the land we live on and believe that soil health is very critical. Synthetic fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides are not used. Low tillage is practiced, cover crops are planted, mulch is utilized, compost is created, and water is conserved. 

Our Premium Quality garlic is planted, tended, harvested, and processed by hand to ensure the highest quality. We have strict handling and drying methods to optimize flavor and extend shelf life. The bulbs are meticulously inspected and cleaned.

All of this detail matters to provide the highest quality Specialty Garlic for you to enjoy!


My name is Christine Klapp

Growing garlic started as an enjoyable gardening hobby that turned into a dream come true, full-time farm business, and I love it!
Not only does it give me a sense of pride and accomplishment to be able to provide a quality product to others, but it also makes me feel satisfied to know that I am supporting local agriculture and the communities that rely on it. It's also a pleasure to be able to connect with customers, get to know their stories, and see how they use my garlic to make their lives better. I hope my garlic and garlic products bring joy to someone's life.

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