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Green Thumb Gourmet Garlic grows a variety of specialty garlic using safe, sustainable farming practices to ensure full flavor and nutritional values are at their peak while protecting the environment.

Every garlic is planted, tended, harvested, and processed by hand to ensure the highest Premium Quality Garlic. We have strict handling and drying methods to optimize flavor and extend shelf life. The bulbs are meticulously inspected, cleaned, and packaged. The garlic is also verified bloat nematode free from the University of Minnesota. All of this detail matters to provide the best Premium Quality Specialty Garlic for you to enjoy!

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Meet the Owner

Christine Klapp

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Hi! I'm Christine

Why do I grow garlic? Because I think it's FUN and I LOVE it!

Growing garlic started as an enjoyable gardening hobby that turned into a dream come true, full-time farm business, and I love it!

I have always enjoyed gardening and making tasty, healthy food for my family with what I grew. I planted garlic one year to perfect my spaghetti sauce recipe and was so pleased by the taste that I was eager to learn all I could about growing garlic.  The uniqueness of the different varieties, the pretty colors the wrappers and cloves have,  the numerous flavor profiles to choose from, all fascinated me. With every growing season, I would add new varieties of garlic to experiment with, and I liked to give the garlic to friends and family. It was their pleasant feedback on how much they enjoyed the garlic and what recipes they created with it, made me wonder about growing it as a small business. I started selling garlic as a side business while I worked a full-time job and expanded a little every year. My dream came true when I retired from the job that I enjoyed for 31 years and started farming garlic full time on a piece of land that I have owned, grown roots on, and loved for over three decades.

I enjoy the process of growing garlic and watching the farm evolve into the vision of my dreams, but what I enjoy even more is the customers. It is so satisfying to connect with people in my community, and all over the United States, it touches my heart to hear their passions and inspiring stories. It is so rewarding to me to share my garlic in hopes that it enhances the enjoyment of the life of someone else.

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